Quality materials and construction

Tea is highly absorbent and sensitive to atmospheric conditions, so it needs maximum protection during transit. The paper sacks that we manufacture are made form high quality materials which are hygienic and eco friendly meeting the demand for packaging of bulk tea. Virgin sack kraft paper is been used for the outer plies with the inner most ply being laminated to metalized aluminum / aluminium foil layer which has been bonded to LDPE materials. This is the only surface that comes into contact with the tea.

Multiwall Paper Sacks
International size :
     • 112cm x 72cm x 18cm / 19cm
     • 66cm x 61cm x 19cm / 20cm
     • 76cm x 61cm x 20cm
Mouth type : open top or valve type
Printing : colour print or black print as per customers requirements
No. of Plies - 3ply, 4ply, 5ply (No. of plies can be made according to customer requirements)
Rigid Paper Sacks
Printing : color or black printing as per customers requirement
Size : 112cm x50cm x20cm
Mouth Type : Open top or Valve type as per customers requirement
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